le nouvel an

This post feels very old school, but I kind of love that.
New Years Eve was slightly anti–climatic but we won't talk about that; I enjoyed spending the end of 2017 with my bffs so I guess thats a winner.
I did, however, love my outfit and makeup and was just really feeling myself. I took advantage of this unusual sense of self love (and the fact that it was NYE) and maxed out on glitter. Something about the iridescent dust that clings to everywhere but where you want, makes me feel indestructible and, with some chunky boots and a shimmery top, I felt kind of killer.
I did, however, fail to get any pics that were really blog worthy or weren't slightly fuzzy reflections illuminated with a haze of narcissism. So this look is a recreation but you get the gist.

Make-up wise (oh wow I haven't talked about makeup on here in years), I have the distinct advantage of a sister who is makeup obsessed and thus was able to experiment. Some notable mentions of this look, for both your interest and my recollection, include a blend of some dark colours from the Naked Heat palette, a purple kiko loose glitter, 17 Tattoo me eyeliner (which is the BEST if you are semi competent at liquid eyeliner) and a collection mascara (which is actually really rather great). I have since worn this eye look to 3 separate events so I guess its a keeper.

And regarding hair, whilst in the photos I am sporting what has affectionately become known as a 'nun bun' (which, after adopting simply to get my hair off my face when working, has become a bit of a go to) for the actual night out I just wore it straight with a middle parting, another look I kind of love.

SO yeh. Despite outfit posts being a bitch to photograph (I tried to coerce my sister to participate but the £2 incentive wasn't quite cutting it) I'm going to try and incorporate a few more on my blog this year.

Hope your 2018's have started well.

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Since composing this post, the top has had to be returned. It kept on snagging and fraying and getting these funny lines all over it which is not what you want. I will be on the search for a similar, more durable version, however.


  1. love the outfit, the top is so nice (so sad to hear that it's had to go back though haha) I think Brandy Melville do some sparkly tops- I've been meaning to get the long sleeve black one for ages. I have the 17 tattoo me eyeliner and ahhh finally someone else understands how bomb it is- it deserves so much more attention in the blogger/youtube world. I recently bought a nyx coloured eyeliner in 'sapphire' and it's my favourite thing now.

    Dalal // monochromedaisies.blogspot.com

    1. isnt it the best eyeliner??? just doesn't budge. oo that sounds cool, I'll have to go and have a look–i fancy trying some coloured eyeliners!

  2. I love this outfit, so funky! Also, I love the pose that shows off your shoes and the one of you looking in the mirror. I like your nun bun, I don't think I could ever pull one off- if I take my hair off my face I look like a chubby choir boy (incase you can't tell from snapchats you receive). I love these photos so much, so pretty (you and the photos and the outfit). x

  3. This was a fun post! I love the outfit as well. Although I could never get myself to wear something like that, I admire the confidence you have!
    Simply Me

  4. the top is so fun n cute, i am so sorry it had to be return! i think brandy melville or urban outfitters may have similar ones, or maybe even forever 21. hope u find a better replacement soon


  5. fuck yeah girl, all about the self love the start the year off! and god damn you look CRACKIN'

    i also love that your sister is a paid contributor to your blog haha

    wishing you all the best for 2018 my lovely! ♥

    katie. xx lacoconoire.com

  6. Katie you always do the best collages ahh! In love with how this looks, and your outfit is incred!! I think NYE is alwayyss anti-climatic but it is fun to doll yourself up. I'm loving the nun bun at the moment too lol, it's so easyy. x xxx

    1. hahah thank you, nothing special–made just on powerpoint with pinterest pics (swish!)–deffs agree but love the excuse to get super dressed up and oh yeas they are the BEST!!Xxx


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