musings #3

(I love the earthy yellows and greens of this mood board, offset with delicate blues and pinks–it radiates warmth. It makes me yearn for summer heat and days in the countryside and new places, as always none of these pics are my own and all can be found here)

i am

dreaming of: summer sun, a different body, familiarity, holidays, sleep, being fluent in French, companionship

thinking about: a lot, too much, all of which was written down in a post then deleted because positivity breeds positivity. But in essence: whats the point if it ends? am i a bad person? political disengagement, self worth, speaking out and up and not living alone with your torment, being good enough

feeling: tired, hungover, adventurous, proud, happy, disorientated, loved, unloved

reading: Larchfield (strange)

happy because: I spent a weekend meeting people who are just as genuine and candid and real as their online selves portray, my mum made my bed so I had the heaven of fresh sheets to fall into at 2am this morning, I spent last night dancing

sad because: I am growing up, people change, my room is a mess

spending time: working, a weekend in Oxford, Barcelona, London/Brighton, seeing old friends, getting lost in the drama of familiarity, packing, unpacking, not really stopping, drinking gin, becoming accustomed to wine, buying new clothes, tricking myself I'm ready for my driving test, stroking my cat, wasting on time on social media and hating it

listening to: George Ezra's new album, Tom Rosenthal 'the pleasure was all mine, miguel', Georges Bizet 'carmen: suite no.2'

wishing i could: write, especially something fictional, and not feel so lost and stuck as soon as I sit down to type

refraining from buying: (I've bought quite a few new items recently, maybe I'll showcase them but...) Stan Smith trainers (everyone in Barcelona wore them and ugh!!), a new rucksack, some fancy writing paper, boring (and expensive) essentials (external hard-drive, SD card because mine snapped in my bag– goodbye £100 on nothing)

thankful for: friends, old and new, the excitement of the past few weeks, the money I make because it makes these things possible, my mum, my cat

life is: exciting, stimulating, new, unfamiliar, adventurous, rewarding. But also tiring. I need to sleep for a few days and then evaluate just how cool the past few weeks have been.

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  1. omg i love this post set up, its really cute to see where your head really is! might have to steal it one day if its okay with youuuuu!

  2. I'm jealous of your fresh sheets, mine are smeared with chocolate because I fell asleep not knowing I had some Easter egg under my duvet (gross). Also, please continue drinking wine and not gin (although I do love gin and tonics) then in Paris we can drink red wine (I've never actually tried red wine) and eat bread and cheese (despite me being a coeliac and neither of us overly enjoying cheese) and wear berets (I have 2 berets so this part will work perfectly) x

  3. I adore this lil moodboard, such a good way to gain some inspiration and express all the things swirling around your head. I can relate I'm dreaming of summer bringing a new lease of life, I can only dream!! Thanks for reminding me about George Ezra's new album, he's one of my all time favourites and I'd forgot about his new release, gonna go listen now!xx

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

  4. Loving all the colours of the the moodboard, makes me super excited for summer and travels. I get sad when my rooms a mess too?! It genuinely stresses me out, and I get into a funk about tidying it. Ooooh and pls do a little haul!! Sending love xox

  5. I love this type of post Katie! Stan smiths are literally the most comfortable shoe and I've had mine for like three years (defo worth the investment). Your travels sound so exciting and ahh I hope you have the best time :) x


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