Its been a while.
There's so much to update and such little literary fluency.
My brain has forgotten how to write and with it, any desire to do so.
But these are my last few months of freedom and, in order to extract myself from the repetitive madness of June, I need to engage in some more intellectual activities. And this is a start.

Let's start with the present. Today has been spent on my floor, surrounded by a pile of unmoving mess, not knowing where or how to begin. That, for me, is the process of unpacking. Love Island has been playing in the background and, realistically, that probably impeded upon any sense of productivity. But the pile is reducing, the washing has been hung out and gradually life is resuming a sense of normality.
And the past 3 weeks.
They've consisted of a lot of trains and planes, sun, an underwhelming 19th, reading, immense bread consumption, world cup watching, a strange date, a self enforced drinking ban, paradisiacal sea swimming, happiness, tan lines, sorbet eating, watermelons, excitement, orange juice drinking, Moroccan roads, siestas, monkeys, aesthetics, cute kittens, not so cute cat calling, a lot of waiting, a bit of sun burn, a lot of tiles, palm trees, patisserie, views, tears on trains, delays, a reunion and a whole lot of fun.

Photos and in-depth accounts are to come, this is simply a drop-in between fleeting hours of peace, before resuming work and friends nd life. I could apologise for this site becoming a cascade of summer enthusiasm but this happiness and adventure is what I've been craving all year, so I'm relishing in it.

Hope summer is treating you all kindly, I'm off to dream of my future life in the mediterranean (lol i wish), find an outfit that most shows off my hard-earned tan lines (lol narcism) and catch up w my friends, before the crash back to reality (i.e. work).


  1. Glad you're having a vibrant summer :)

    Anna // Zu Hause

  2. Sounds beaut, cannot wait to see the pictures!
    Louise x


  3. woohoo Katie is bacK!! I'm so jealous that you have tan lines, you show them off bitch! Hope your summer is filled with even more sorbet eating x

    1. yas gal, we'll be sorbet eating a Paris for SURE xox

  4. Unpacking kills! Writing will come back to you! I don't think it ever goes away haha!

  5. Ah I am soso excited for the photos and writing about your adventures! xo

  6. I'm looking forward to all the photos!!


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