June was one of the happiest months in a very long time. It was spent either partying, sleeping, working or laughing and I think thats a good way for life to be. It was sunny and warm and I've been too busy to even think what my head is doing. It'll be remembered with an ethereal glow, the glory days of this strange year.

here are some pics to remember the days. They are mostly just scenery because my friends probably don't wanna be plastered across the internet.

Some highlights include:
being mugged in Manchester (just because it was hilariously pathetic and a fucking gr8 story)
and meeting Lucy whilst crying and drunk
having my best pals home
driving alone nd the independence and driving my friends about
drinking hungarian wine and playing piccolo
baking cakes with nice people
watching love island, hungover or in bed in Buda crowded around a single phone or with my sister
evening @ quilliam brothers
being paid for the excessive shifts (materialistic but also v rewarding)
sunset at the beach with friends
readin' in the sun
a hilarious night out which we will never not laugh about
drinks with my brother
breakfast in the sun
just being with friends
realising i live in the most beautiful place ever
the golden evening light on my wall

These seem like pretty mundane things but its been so good. I am paying for utter lack of sleep and no-days-off but man, I've had fun.
Lets be real, right now I feel sad. Like I might actually cry. Its definitely a bit of nostalgia and a realisation that my gap year is coming to an end and I don't know how I feel about it (ready to move on? maybe, ready to meet new people? yes, ready to work hard? lmao no, ready to end the fun nd freedom? no) and a fear that summer is running out and the reminder that boys r stupid.

July includes: turning 19, a family holiday, a Moroccan adventure, the first weekends off, uni prep. Pls be as good, I need some more of this sun nd fun.


  1. These things all sound wonderful. I'm living through you because I don't have the time for those wonderful sounding adventures. Take care! And stay happy.

    Simply Me

    1. Haha, your time will come :) thank you!!!xo

  2. Ah, your posts always make me feel really happy and satisfied haha. I really wanna hear about the mugging story in Manchester (sorry it happened though??!). It does sound like it's been a beautiful month and I love reflecting on stuff like this, and hearing about other people's as well! July sounds just as littt - happy birthday for the future b!!! <3 <3 <3

    1. lmfao no idea why my name didn't show up?? Anyways it me! haha <3

    2. hahah but omg thats such a compliment?! The mugging was traumatic but also v embarrassing because I essentially handed my phone over to 13 year olds...thank u gal, hope your summer is good xox

  3. woww, I am so happy that june was such a great month for you - and it sounds like you had a lot of amazing times :) I hope july is as just good!
    don't worry too much about school, that's more a problem for future Katie, right? lol but actually... uni will be fine, it's a new sort of fun and freedom! also nobody really knows what they're doing in their first year, so don't feel like the odd one out.

    - Iona | asweetdestination.blogspot.com

  4. I was enjoying this post until the little reminder at the end about the uni prep. no thanks!! Hope July is treating you alright so far Katie, jealous of your holidays but god damn do you deserve them!!x

    1. omg I know, every time I tried to relax on holiday this lil reminder would pop into my brain and I was like fu-uck. Thanks gal!!x

  5. Glad to know that your June went by so well! But the crazy stories thooo I live for it! haha

    Sheena | www.sheenalovessunsets.com

  6. beautiful photos! :) Anyway, just dropping by to say hello all the way from the Philippines! I hope you can drop by my blog too and follow along if you like. Have a nice day! :)

    xoxo, rae