buda baby

I have a very happy sadness this evening. The kind of sadness that originates from fun weekends and the realisation of work tomorrow and 36 hours with no sleep and photos and best friends.
I re-visited Budapest for the weekend with my gal pals as a homage to our infamous weekend there last year as part of our European interrail trip. Suffice to say this years trip lived up to expectations.

these are mostly pics of buildings. i didnt think my friends would appreciate being plastered across the internet u know. 

Things I adore about Buda:
the architecture (everything looks like fell straight out a wes anderson film), the yellow trams, its setting on the Danube surrounded by mountains, how grand everything is, the vintage aesthetic (nothing has changed in 50 years), the nights out, the ruin bars, the cheap beer, the sun, the history, the identity, the tradition, the eastern feel, the dramatic and extra feel to everything. Its just one of my favourite places. 
There's also some things I really don't love (their politics, the repulsively misogynist attitudes of most men we encountered) but for 3 days it was magical. 
The trip doesnt really translate onto paper but here's some substandard pics and a list to remember how much I enjoyed the 3 days and how much I fuckin love the city. 

Best bits:
eating pasta in our apartment 
pre-ing off vodka that marketed itself as 'budget' and wine that cost £1.95
gellert baths
szimpla kert
falafel wraps 
morning walks
my friends 
dancing to house remixes of adele
red pull and bear dress
the carnage of the last night/morning
st stephen's basilica 
ruin bar 
the heat of the first day
moscow mules

Perhaps the weekend was less centred around the city as last time but just as magical. The final night was hilariously horrific (no sleep, 4 smashed friends, 4 sober friends, a messy apartment, unpacked suitcases, 3 am taxi, bright idea of clubbing, a tragically long journey home) and we all passed out as soon as we boarded the plane. Worth it for the laughs I fink.
So yeah. Tonight I feel sad because tomorrow is a shock back to reality. I've had a week of no sleep and nights out (sorry body). The weekend felt too short and as though it didnt really happen. I miss my friends. I wish we were continuing our adventure around Europe. As always my mind questions whether I'll ever do something that enjoyable again. Obvs this is bullshit. 
But it was so fun and felt so safe and comfortable. 
SO now I cry because its over (lmao get a grip) and because I've got work tomorrow but also smile because my friends are home alllll summer and more adventures are planned and maybe the change of October is exciting????

If you ever get the chance, go to BUDA!! I adore it and know you will too. For a more in depth account, read this post. 

I'm actually feeling the happiest I have in a long time. It's the heat and sun and friends being home nd things to look forward to and no empty abyss and busy-ness and laughs and memories and I sort of want to cry tonight but I'm really just having a breather in all the madness.
I have 3 months left of my gap year, 2.5 months left of summer fun. Its been a fucking weird year but I am 110% ready to just go for it with these dwindling days. Have as much fun as possible, laugh as much as poss, have as many 'what the fuck' nights as poss, tick off as many things off my list as poss and treasure every second of the freedom. 


  1. Ahhhh b, i totally feel ya!!! Did you go back to INSTANT??? I was literally saying to my sis the other day that i miss Budapest!! I agree when you said it was safe and comfortable bc despite the disgusting misogyny and the lil bit of racism (or was it just abnormal staring bc fascination + fetishization??) that we experienced, we felt safe enough to walk all the way back to our hotel from the club at like 2am and it just felt so freeing and weird. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and kiiiinda wanna go back? Anyways, all these feelings of happiness, being busy as fuck, feeling elated and deeply content to dreading the next day and having to work etc etc is SUCH A MOOD. But underneath it all I could squeal with excitment bc life is so fun?? Have an amaaazing rest of ur summer, sending lovee xoxoxo p.s if u go back to budapest go to this Tiki Tiki bar where it's all Hawaiian themed and there are like fake skeletons hanging from the ceiling and flowers and leaves and totem heads and all the drinks with the most alcohol are served in skull heads and OMG IT'S THE SICKEST PLACE EVERRR.(I had two drinks and I lowkey got wavedd) Okay I'm done haha x

    1. YES I DID and MAN that club is THE BOMB. They are (unfortunately) SO misgonistic (my friend got into a proper fight with this man after he said something to another friend she hit him) and I also think the stares were based upon their EXTREME right wing political standing...but I memories of walking back from instant at 3am eating falafel wraps will forever be some of my faves. Its such a sick city. YESSS life is SO fun and I'm beginning to experience the fun which is so refreshing hahaha. You too galll, i can't wait to see what you get up to. ALSO omg that sounds amazing, I need to go again lmao xoxo


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