hey bitches.
Today I'm feeling shit. I can't stop crying nd just really wanna go home.
But its okay because I don't feel like this often, and I've learned that such days and toughness and tears are sort of a cyclical release.

After having suppressed tears through the entirety of a Tesco trip, bought myself a mango, nd cried in bed and on the phone to my mum and did some yoga, I composed a gratitude list.
Because life is generally great and these days are hard but they don't last for ever. And even in the moments when I just want to sleep or cry with my cat, there are still  beautiful things. Like the view out of the window, or the sun, or the silence.
So a gratitude list.
The sun.
Golden hour.
The quietness of Oxford.
A completed essay.
My friend Vassia.
A mum who listens and soothes.
Fresh sheets
Nice cereal.
Interesting talks.
Quiet libraries.
Silhouetted trees.
Post cards.
Early mornings, working.
This feeling. Emotions are important.

It's the next day. Still feeling a bit weird, but I'm going to hide away in a library a try and avoid people for a while because I think that's what I need.
Hope ur all okay! And not being as emotional fragile as me! Tears are good, right?!


  1. Shitty days can so often make you forget all the good stuff. They send you down such a spiral and it's like your mind erases any good. I so dig this idea of making a list when you're down just to say 'hey life isn't so bad.' And it's soo important to ride these feeling out too, thats what its all about. Tears are the best, it's such a release to cry and let it out. I hope you're feeling a little better Katie lots of love xox

    1. so tru, riding them out is hard but they are important!!! man i have cried so much recently, but isnt it the best? hope ur doing good Lexie <3

  2. Coffee, letters, love, people who are dear. I love this list. You'll be okay and feel better! Days will be okay!

    1. Ah yess arent they all the best? Thank u hehe, good days come bad days come both are good x

  3. Offended I am not on the list, times like this gotta remind myself the whole world doesnt revolve around me but its a hard thing to accept. I feel you about the silhoutted trees, very very nice also very jealous of your cereal- what i would dO right now for a big ol bowl of fruit and fibre with hazelnut milk

    1. bitch a day doesnt go by when i'm grateful 4 u ! omggg fruit and fibre (minus banana chips) is the ONE

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