Christmas Series//DIY Wreath*

I love getting creative at Christmas, my mum and I make an advent calendar most years and I love to make presents for my grandparents (they love that kinda thing) so my Christmas crafting started this year with a wreath.
My dad has a real thing against Christmas (I know who could?), I mean he has his reasons but still-it's Christmas?!
This means we have to leave decorating the house until as late as possible and in the most minimalistic way (which I guess this wreath isnt really) but I thought if I include natural aspects-maybe I can sway the rules? I collected the foliage from my garden but you can find holly and ivy everywhere or could use artificial leaves.

You will need;
-Holly, ivy and anything else you want (in terms of greenery)
- A wreath (I have no idea where ours is from but I am sure you can pick them up in places like B&Q)
- Wire (and wire cutters)
-Decorations: baubles, flowers, ribbon etc (all of mine is from Country Baskets who kindly set me it to create this post as a part of their Festive Face off Competition)

Firstly, I apologise for the lack of photos showing you how I actually made it-I got a bit carried away.

So, you begin by weaving your foliage into the wreath. This has little skill to it, I just wrapped it around and tucked it in. For any loose bits I wrapped wire around them to keep them in place. I did this until I was happy with the overall look and there was no brown left.

This is what mine looked like. It doesnt look complete until the decorations are on so don't worry if you aren't too happy with it.

I then attatched my decorations. I did them in a semi-symmetrical style but just what ever suits you. I love the silver and green so kept this theme but anything that you think looks good!

And that's it-so simple but I think it looks really effective and Christmassy without being too 'in your face'.

Not perfect I know but it looks rustic and homemade.
What do you like to craft at Christmas?
Katie x

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  1. Well done, it looks very seasonal and I love the contrast of the silver decorations against the green foliage!

  2. I'm very fond of the Rustic look myself.


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