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Pinterest is my switch off-I love it. I spend hours scrolling (99% of the time in the 'Quotes' section) dreaming of the ideal room/life and reading posts that put emotions into the most profound sentences.
I fear if someone looked through my Pinterest they would feel I was going through a tough time-I'm not I just really really like deep, thought provoking quotes.
My Textiles coursework is based on the 1950's so it has become a regular thing searching for inspo of dresses and styles. I'm not making a dress similar to this one, I am making an evening dress with an open back (similar to some of Givenchy's 50's designs) in a crimson satin but the 1950's was such an elegant feminine era.

Can we please-Bretton stripes are my favourite things ever. So simplistic yet chic, I am to blue and white stripes like a magpie is to silver. If I see something in a shop with navy and white stripes-I will run to it (if it's in Topshop my day is officially made.)
I also love her hair-some can pull fringes off so well but definitely not me (let's not go there-it was a bad time). I am having serious hair troubles- I'm so bored with it-but if I go radical I'll miss it (a lot) however at its current state it just lives in a ponytail 80% of the time.

Gold/copper is totally my thing right now. So, I used to have this mad idea that gold looked tacky on me-I have relatively olivey skin but for some reason I would steer clear of it. Recently however, I have been an avid lover of anything metallicy. Be it rose gold, copper, silver, iridescent turqouise-y shades-it's all just been catching my eye. I am now on the hunt for a gold nail varnish. I have seen Essie do a few but in a recent trek around Boots, I came out empty handed-I will not give in though. Speaking of nail varnish, I have finally submitted myself to the matte craze-I used to hate it-it gave me the whole 'nails down a blackboard' feel but I am quickly warming to it (a few may have even made their way onto my Christmas list).

Something about 'Type-written' poems just make me so happy. I have recently re-discovered my typewriter. It is the most cumbersome, ugly and industrial piece of machinery (as legend goes, it belonged to a German fighter in WWII) you have probably ever laid your eyes on, but I sort of love it. My room is all pretty kitsch but then to have this piece of German technology sitting on my desk (despite taking up all of my working space) looks rather jazzy. Anyway, its effect aside, I have spent maybe a little too long typing out letters and passages but they just look so cool. 

And finally, to end this random, jumbled post, I leave you with a picture of a baby hedgehog wearing a hat. I once saved a hedgehog on the way to school and they have since become one of my favourite animals.
Next week I am beginning my Christmas Series (containing an outfit, a (or many) DIY's, a treat and possibly some wrapping ideas) so do stay tuned.
Do you prefer Tumblr/or Pinterest? What are your updates of this month?
Katie x

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  1. I think the hedgehog wearing a hat has made my day! Lovely post

    Katie xx


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