Summer Newbies

Can we call it summer yet-I suppose officially it is but if we went off the weather, we would still be trapped in the dark realms of March.
In order to brighten up the days I have ended up parting with a fair about of money over the past few months-I called it 'revision treats', when we all know it was simply an excuse to buy some items I had been lusting over! I thought I would show a few of my new favourites from the beauty sector or some products that I am simply dying to have a good play around with, like a capsule of the unnecessary things I have been splashing my money on.

 Urban Decay Naked Palette

If I had to say one cult beauty product that almost everyone (who cares for expensive eyeshadow palettes) owns or uses or even knows of, it would be this. It does seem a little extortionate and greedy when you hand over your £40 (£38) however it does work out at around £3.16 for each shadow, a bloody good price if you saw them singularly (from a different brand) in say Boots?
Of course each shadow is beautifully creamy and pigmented with a mix of pinks, golden browns and more cooler grey shades that I probably will not get as much use out of but it is always nice to have the option.

Urban Decay Naked Basics 1
It ended up as a slight coincidence that I ended up with two Naked palettes in such a short space of time however I won this one in a giveaway hosted by AsiaJade. While potentially not a product I would buy myself (as I am simply not as attracted to matte shadows) I have got a surprisingly large amount of use out of it, especially the darker crease shades and also using 'faint' to fill in my brows. The shadows, as you would expect from Urban Decay, are buttery and super blendable, a dream to work with.

Real Techniques Setting Brush
I also received this as part of the giveaway and have thoroughly enjoyed using it as a highlight brush. It is very gentle on the skin, not loading too much product but of course making a noticeable difference. I am a real fan of RT brushes however I must admit I prefer the style of the Zoeva ones.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum
With my prom coming up in a few days and several summer parties, I wanted a base to apply to feel more 'complete' but it could not be heavy. I went for this as, while not being the cheapest of the drugstore lighter foundations, I had heard really great things and I must say I do really like it. The shade is a little too dark for me and isnt quite as glowy as I expected but it applies really nicely and smells heavenly.

What have you been picking up recently?
Katie x
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  1. Great post! ' revision treats' are a great idea to keep you motivated and still pick up some lovely beauty bits. I wish I had the money to buy a naked eye shadow palette :(. If you want a good light foundation I recommend the Rimmel match perfection, I wore it to my prom and it was lovely :)

    1. I got mine as an early birthday present-a great one because it feels so special! Ooh thank you- i might have to have another trip to boots!x

  2. I was contemplating getting Healthy Mix for my face but, as you say, there's been a few people saying that the shades aren't in a particularly wide variety. I'd love to try this out though, it looks like such a great summer foundation!:)

    Alice x

  3. So many people rave about the Healthy Mix foundation despite the shade range but I still really want to try it out!
    Aleeha from HALE, xXx


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