And its over...

As of 11:15 today summer officially began and I am free for 12 weeks.
The grueling process of exams ended on a some what sour note with further maths (which I don't even know why I was entered in for as it is basically a A-level course). After paper 1, we all came out laughing at how impossible it was and I had a slight twinge of fear that, despite it not even being a GCSE, I will have bad grade on my results but honestly, I COULDNT CARE LESS BECAUSE I AM ON HOLIDAY.
GCSEs were horrible but not as bad as I thought they were-there were no exams that I completely messed up (except futher maths but hey that doesnt really count) or didnt know anything for and felt all round relatively prepared. For me, it was the on going trudge of 5 weeks filled with 22 exams that made me cry more nights than I care to admit to and almost fall asleep on the floor in the science central area.
I am pleased and relieved but also a little lost that they are over, okay they aren't the biggest deal but after working for them for 2 years and to now forget everything I previously needed to know (I'm looking at you random history dates that end up popping into my head) it all just feels a bit empty with a lack of purpose.
No doubt when I really get into the swing of the holidays, I shall not miss school/exams at all but I do aim this summer to loosen up, allow myself to have fun and to learn to just 'be'. The chances of that happening are rather slim but I have already pushed myself to be more outgoing and not care so much about pointless things so its a head in the right direction.
I will soon have to mull over my final A-level choices but, until then I want to simply enjoy the lack of responsibility.
I shall be back probably tomorrow maybe sunday for a proper post (maybe featuring some new makeup?)
Katie x
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  1. Oh my god I done Further Maths too! It was so impossible and in the calculator paper there was hardly any need for a calculator! It was such a mess but ah man it's such a relief they're all over!:)x

    1. I was exactly the same-i thought "why is this even calculator?" I know it feels amazing!:)x

  2. Oh great... I'm planning on taking further maths!
    Aleeha from HALE, xXx


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