Summer//Bucket List

AHH SUMMER YOU WONDERFUL THING, full of long evenings, parties, friends, food, tan and happiness. I have 12 weeks off and I want to make the absolute most of them.

1. Go to London (1 maybe 2 trips are already planned and I can't wait-it is one of my favourite places)
2. Beach morning and evening
3. Camping (also already planned)
4. Get henna
5. Take photos
6. Make a summer scrapbook
7. Buy a disposable camera and get it developed
8. Make cocktails
9. Garden fires/BBQ
10. Countryside picnic
11. Get the bus out to the countryside
12. Make a notebook/scrapbook (make the actual book)
13. Buy metallic tattoos
14. Write (a lot)
15. Stargaze
16. Capture sunrises
17. Teach myself to draw something
18. Make a pair of trousers
19. Reorgansie/decorate room
20. Explore my city
21. Movie night
22. Learn more about how to use my camera
23. Put more effort into my blog
24. Park BBQ
25. Make ice-lollies
26. Colour
27. Work out
28. Begin yoga
29. Make friendship bracelets
30. Visit new cafes
31. Read (a lot)
32. Pick Your Own (strawberries, raspberries etc)
33. Make jam (with the collected fruit)
34. Have a garden party
35. Get lost
36. Stay up until the late hours of the morning talking
37. Make a clay jewellry bowl (see here)

Summer arrives and I become a completely different person, I will be using these first few weeks to simply recuperate from the constant stress and anxiety that has engulfed me for the past several months.
Have a fabulous summer, what plans do you have? Do you have any more suggestions of things I can do?
Katie x
Currents: Reading: One day-David Nicholls//Loving: Granola//Lusting: some warmer weather and a new skirt


  1. When I first began reading I was like 'oh my god I want to do that too!' but then i carried on reading and literally everything was the same for me! I don't live near the beach though and going in the morning/evening would be so cute! When you go to London if you go to Camden you can buy henna there for real cheap, and then just try and find a design online and copy it or get an artistic friend to do it! I was going to say I can do it for you but then I realised that wouldn't be very possible aha. Hope you have a wonderful summer and get to complete most of these things!x

    1. Haha the beach is my absolut favourite place! Ooh great idea-thank you I will definitely have to go to Camden when I'm in london! Thank you lovely, you too!!x

  2. These are such good ideas! I am actually going to make one of these right now! ha-ha

    1. Thank you-hope you think of some good ideas!x

  3. I've always wanted to wake up early enough to see a proper sunrise!
    Aleeha from HALE, xXx

    1. I did it inJanuary (that way you don't have to wake up so early!) and it was magical!x


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