Listening: Tom Odell-Wrong Crowd and last night I listened to Tom Rosenthal which threw me back to January mocks-ew

Reading: The Go-Between, L.P Hartley-its super summery and I am thoroughly enjoying it (after it sat on my shelf for 2 years)-"It is the story of the loss of innocence, a loss so shattering and profound that it breeds a lasting mistrust on life"

Eating: Nectarines and probs too much brownie

Drinking: Last night, we drank Pimms in the freezing cold with blankets, pretending it was acutally JULY

Been doing: Too many open day's, too much travelling (5 trains in one day-no thanks), spending too much money, partying to celebrate all the July birthday's, thinking about summer, stressing about the future (as always) and not having much time to think

Procrastinating from: My history essay that I really don't want to do-the worst part is, I actually have 3

Loving: Instagram, specifically taking pics for Instagram (follow me 'ere-insta) and partying with my pals

Lusting: A bardot top, some Birkenstoks and for summer to hurry up

Writing: Seeing as it is my birthday on Saturday, I'll probably do some kind of 16 round up-I feel like I left being 16 ages ago and it sounds so young-but I'd be happy to stay here for the rest of my life. Also, considering beginning a novella but I need ideassss

Excited for: holidaysss


  1. the novella sounds interesting...

  2. You can never have too many brownies! Just followed you on instagram, excited to see your pics!
    Aleeha xXx

  3. Oh boy, I have been to no open days and I don't know why I didn't just man up and go to any, I know there are still open days in September and stuff but ahh university, oh so scary! Also, there is no such thing as too much brownie. I realise I am commenting waaay after you posted this, I hope you had a marvellous birthday!x

    1. Hahaha I soo feel you on the open days, don't worry I'm the same-I just know if I don't force myself to I won't...Thank you:) x


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