I have just returned from 3 days spent in Nice with my good friend Maddie.
We had such a lovely time relaxing and tanning and photographing and walking and talking and eating and doing all the things that make a holiday great.
I didn't have the thrill of independence that I had had from other holidays alone but I think that that made it better-it made it relaxed and meant we could take advantage of the scenery and culture.
I practised a fair amount of French and submersed myself in a country that I love more and more every time I go.
We visited the memorial of the attacks that took place the week previous. It was incredibly emotional but otherwise the city had returned to 'normal', with just the armed police for evidence of the tensions.
Highlights include the glorious sun, lying on the beach reading Rookie (so worth the hassle of dragging it on the plane), sitting in the evening sun on the balcony, the Musee Marc Chagall, the views from the headland walk we did and Place Rosetti in the evening where we retreated-but it was all pretty super.

I hope you enjoyed the photos (I took waay too many as usual)


  1. I love your photos! I especially love how they capture the atmosphere where you were. Hope you had a great holiday.

  2. Such pretty pictures full of great scenery. I also like to bring around my Rookie book, just in case I get a good opportunity to read it in a nice, relaxing place!!! It's annoying, but too good to not take around!!

    1. I definitely agree, despite its huugeee size, the content is just so perfect to read on a beach...

  3. These photos are beautiful! It's so sad that these attacks just keep on happening... what has this world come to?! They need to stop!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. I know, I think the same on an almost daily basis...Thank you :)x

  4. The buildings are so lovely! x


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