Exercising Creativity

In an interview I carried out with Alice for my Other Minds series, I said that she was "at one with her creativity". By this I meant she could peacefully be creative without feeling the guilt that I feel.
I have been creative my whole life, reorganising and decorating my room, drawing outfits, sewing bags-I spent every hour doing something that let my imagination run wild.
The pressures of school forced me into a bland, square box, no creativity just productivity. After revision consumed every second of my day, I didn't know what to do with myself.
"Do some painting" mum said, "But that has no use, its pointless" was always my reply.
I have been forcing myself, ever since, to be creative, to remind myself of the joy I used to get out of it. That the final product doesn't matter, its the process, the way it makes you feel.
My friends have all been away this past week and I have been entertaining myself with an array of artistic pathways.

On this day, it was bliss. I had The Breakfast Club on , my paints out and a large cup of tea next to me.

My favourite arty things to do are:
  1. Collaging
  2. Journalling (because this combines everything)
  3. Painting (but always filling in someone else's picture or just colours because I can't paint for shit)
  4. Colouring (I love the Secret Garden colouring book and the online Rookie pages)
  5. Writing
  6. Collaging on my laptop
  7. Photography
It never fails to relax me and take my mind away to a more peaceful place-that can only be a good thing right?
Slowly slowly I am feeling less of the guilt and more just enjoying the doing. School will whip around and it will probably zap all that inspiration out of me again.
Oh well.


  1. Ooh I really want to get the Secret Garden colouring book. I have the Enchanted Forest one and that's amazing too!
    Aleeha xXx

  2. I love collaging , it's one of the best ways for me to relax and just listen music or watch a good movie/show!!! It's interesting that you say the end product doesn't matter, it's the process and that's very true. I'll definitely keep that in mind now!!

    1. I love listening to podcasts while collaging because I find that I become so absorbed, forgetting the world around me. Its a good thing to remember when you feel guilty for not doing something 'productive'!x

  3. I recently got an adult colouring book. I do like to sketch but sometimes don't have the time or inspiration. The 'adult' colouring book was definitely a great alternative!

    Jaynie Shannon * / Morphe & Zoeva Giveaway Running


    1. I'm the same, means you can be creative in 5 minutes!

  4. School really does suck all of the creativity out of you. I've recently turned to painting during the summer as an escape.


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