gap year goals

Despite only being 2 (official) weeks into my gap year, I find it dwindling away with days semi filled with business, and semi filled with laziness. This acceptance of laziness is what I need to learn this year but I also want to complete a year of freedom having achieved and grown.
I hope this list will hold me accountable and spark entertainment in the moments of boredom.

  1. Read-this is part of the impetus to start the online book club, to encourage me to actually do it  (there will also be a gap year book list coming soon)
  2. Fill at least one journal 
  3. Get back into photography, take my camera as many places as possible, document the ordinary 
  4. Travel: Barcelona to visit my pen-pal, various locations in the UK to visit friends, Paris (hopefully) and another Eurostar destination to utilise my voucher (woo!). There are so many other places I'd also like to visit but its whether I have the guts to go alone or can find a willing travel companion 
  5. Learn to live with uncertainty, I might not know what I'm doing next month but that's okay
  6. Be kind to myself–In my first therapy session, it dawned on me how much I abused and punished myself. This mindset is challenging to escape but I am determined to try
  7. Write poetry
  8. Take french classes
  9. Join an orchestra 
  10. Explore what my long term goals are and how I can achieve these whilst also caring for myself 
  11. Learn that, most often, 'good enough' is the ideal 
  12. Blog, network and connect
  13. Pass my driving test (lol)
  14. Incorporate running into my daily schedule 
  15. Bake some good-ass cakes 
  16. Apply to uni 
  17. Get sewing again: make a garment, a makeup bag, anything 
  18. Enjoy nature and the changing world: after 2 years of 'head down' I'm looking forward to appreciating the beauty around 
  19. Tackle my mental health, learn that it won't be 'cured' but that I can find ways to manage the struggle 
  20. Learn to be 
  21. Watch more films 
It feels as though I've got some pretty big hurdles to climb and tight knots to unwind but I know that this year is entirely necessary, and I am actually rather enjoying some aspects of it. Especially my fridays, which are spent just baking. Lavleh.


  1. You've got so much to look forward to, I am super jel. I defo think everyone should take a gap year between alevels and uni just to re-centre and get back on track. Looking forward to all the blog posts and updates! If you're ever in Brighton soon let me know:) x x

    1. Deffs agree, watching all my friends having to get back into studying makes me relieved that I don't have to (yet)!!. Thank you, oo certainly will do!!x

  2. I turned 17 today so I now I can officially learn how to drive too... probably won't happen for ages, but 'woteva'
    Aleeha xXx

    1. happy birthday!!! haha its terrifying, I put it off and off!x

  3. gosh you have set up so many goals but they're attainable and I'm sure all will go well. If you ever come to London then hit me up!

    dalal //

  4. Hope you enjoy your gap year and you learn a lot of things!
    Barcelona is a very beautiful city! You will love it!

  5. I love seeing all your goals!! I'm excited for you to travel and sew and read and all these things!!


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