My to-reads:
  1. The Bell Jar-Sylvia Plath 
  2. All the Light We Cannot See-Anthony Doerr
  3. How to Stop Time-Matt Haig 
  4. Never Let Me Go-Kazuo Ishiguro 
  5. Fahrenheit 451-Ray Bradbury 
  6. Wuthering Heights-Emily Bronte (I hate her poetry so not sure whether this is a good idea)
  7. Pride and Predjudice-Jane Austen 
  8. The Waves-Virginia Woolf
  9. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?-Edward Albee
  10. The Glass Menagerie-Tennessee Williams
  11. Antony and Cleopatra-William Shakespeare 
  12. Beloved-Toni Morrison 
  13. White Teeth-Zadie Smith 
  14. The Siege-Helen Dunmore
  15. Great Expectations-Charles Dickens 
So I suppose I've got some serious reading to be getting on with. 
In other news, and meaningless updates, this weekend has been rather enjoyable. Friday was fuckin awful but I went out in the eve and had a blast, danced on tables, drank a lil too much and ate chips, reflected upon with a slightly hazy memory. Saturday, through hung-over fogginess, I cleared my room and began redecorating, went for an inclement walk in the countryside and had a curry feast, cooked by my mum. I also squeezed in a few episodes of celebs go dating, of course. Today I had a delightfully slow morning, went to Ikea (and spent too much on stationary and wrapping paper-the essentials) and continued my decorating. 
And for the next few weekends I am away, visiting friends and holidaying with my family. So I suppose life is busy. 
I am currently reading East West Street, which is immensely interesting and is a real masterpiece, refraining, not very successfully, from buying this coat from Urban Outfitters and am greatly excited that its October, having a) survived the one month I had been dreading for the past 8, and b) been anticipating autumn for a little too long. 
And finally, I am currently in the madness of uni applications. I am applying to Oxford for History (and other places) but am greatly stressed by the process as my personal statement is done, but I don't feel its right, and I haven't studied history in 3.5 months, thus the exam is going to be solid. I also don't have much motivation to revise for it, which could be a warning sign that it perhaps isn't what I want, but I also know, having got the grades, I would ceaselessly regret never trying. 
Its sort of messy, but over the next month I will factor in a little practice daily and just take the experience as it comes. 
Anyway, let me know how you all are and if you have any literary recommendations.
I now need to get back to painting, ugh.


  1. Ah I'm trying to make my way through a few classics on this list!! Sounds like you've had a fab weekend/ weekends to come! I l swear it's impossible to go to Ikea and not spend too much money; I always end up buying candles even though I rlly don't need anymore.. You'll be fine with history, it's just getting back into the swing of learning after not! Also love,love that Urban Outfitters jacket gahh x xx

  2. I know, I NEED it (not sure my purse would agree...) have a good week gal X

  3. Ooooh, a couple of these are also on my newly long reading list! Maybe I'll share some too! Also, sounded like a hilariously fun/hazy/slow weekend! Have fun being away and getting through your reading list!!! xxx

    1. yess i'd love to read yours!!! Thank you!!xx

  4. So many of these are on my to read list too!! Also you may not like her poetry but Withering Heights is a banging book like ah every time I read it there are new things to notice and like ah man its great! Also I've read and seen whose afraid of Virginia Wolf and also very much enjoyed that but I think seeing it performed like really helped me enjoy it more. ALSOO I hope you have a fab few weekends that are coming up!!

    1. oo okay that gives more hope for Bronte–I'll look out for a performance of who's afraid of virginia wolf to supplement!! Thank youuu xx

  5. I hope you get into Oxford, you did so well in your a levels! I hope you don't mind me asking (you don't have to answer), but how you did in your gcses's? I'm always confused about what sort of grades an oxford student has.
    Aleeha xXx


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