update: 2017 goals

I will be composing a lot of 2017 update posts, partly because it has been a monumental year and partly because I need to process everything thats gone on. I also want to remember this year, and how I survived, despite continuously thinking I wouldn't

1) Read 26 books – lol ok so I read about 3 books between January and June of this year, and have finished on a grand total of 16, which isn't bad all things considered.
2) Finish cups of tea– even now I don't revise, I still successfully manage to leave moulding, half drunk cups of tea in every corner of my room
3) Learn to drive–yes! I'm in the process of (trying) to learn
4) Write more poetry–I've wrote a few poems this year, but I'll continue to pursue this next annum
5) Begin French again–I've sort of just been repeatedly putting this off, I don't know why because I love the language more than anything and crave the (semi) fluency of 1.5 years ago but its a definite for 2018
6) Do a photoshop/art evening class–I haven't achieved this but also don't really want to anymore, which is fine because goals change!
7) Get A-level results I am pleased with– OH BITCH YES I couldn't physically have been happier or more overwhelmed
8) But don't kill myself in the process–despite an awareness of the abuse, I did ruin myself in the process of achieving my a-levels and have spent every month since trying to recover from the intense focus and subsequent emptiness, sort of going with the mindset of what was the point?? was it really worth the pain just for 3 starred letters on a piece of paper?? (I could never have comprehended these thoughts whilst in the process but now its something I think a lot about
9) Apply to uni–oh yes! I've applied for History @ Durham, Oxford, Leeds and UCL
10) Get another piercing–got another 2!!!
11) Continue journalling–my journal has been my inner sanctum and having a physicalised version of my mind is very therapeutic
12) Try and let the future be–???? ok but seriously, this has got a bit better.
13) Allow myself to enjoy staying in but relax when going out–oh gurl, you have loved going out more than anything this year, but have also found real peace in evenings in and the fact that most of my friends are now in different cities has allowed space for this peace to grow
14) Get on better with my sister–this has probably been one of the most unsuccessful goals (oops)
16) Enjoy (or at least try to) my gap year– parts have been so enjoyable, some satisfyingly normal and others swarmed by panic and challenge–but the good has outweighed the bad
17) Try being veggie–ok so, for the most part, this has been immensely successful and I am committed to a veggie life (I say for the most part because I have consumed meat 4 times this year, twice when drunk (lol) and twice by GENUINE accident (i.e. I thought the sushi was tuna not duck–oh yeh I eat fish)

I also achieved so many things beyond those I set out at the start of this year so, whilst 2017 feels as though its been defined by one goal then nothingness, that is far from the truth.
How have you got on with your goals? What resolutions/goals are you setting for the new year?

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  1. This is so strange, I was on your blog earlier this morning and looked at your "2017 goals" and thought to myself "she's actually achieved so many of them" and then I go on twitter and hour later and you've published this post!! But it's true, you've achieved so many and that's so cool because new year goals always seem to be forgotten after the first few months. I can't wait to see what your 2018 goals are- maybe I'll write mine up on my blog too

    Dalal .. monochromediaises.blogspot.com

    1. ahh what a coincidence??? I have such a long list of 2018 goals but I feel positive about them...yes do write them up on your blog is such a great way to be held accountable!!!x

  2. This list is really great! For whatever reason, I LOVE reading peoples goal posts! I leave my tea cups everywhere as well, not a good habit ut hard to break! Best of luck in 2018.
    Simply Me

    1. I love it too–its so motivating! Its so hard to break, I can just never be bothered to take them downstairs...thank you you too!!!

  3. this was so much fun to read through! a goal for me this past year was to write in a journal everyday and i did! i agree, journaling is extremely therapeutic.

    1. thats pretty impressive haha...isnt it just, I could spend hours writing away in mine x

  4. I love this post!! I wasn't going to set goals for 2018 but now I want to just so I can do a post like this! I'm going to try journaling more, I am always very conflicted as I like to type my journals but I also like to write them and there's only so many times I can write about the same thought. Also Katie, I am the exact same I thought after exams I would stop having mouldy cups in my room but as I type this I have three mugs on my desk and two on my bedside table (all half drunk). This is going to go on my 2018 plan- maybe what we need is to go uni and only take 2 mugs so then we won't always leave them lying around as we'll have nothing else to fall back on?!

    1. I do think my thoughts come to me better when I type, I prefer the way I write–I don't why! but theres something so permanent and personal about a hand written diary, it feels so emotional and intimate to hold the pages of my mind and sense their feelings. Yes–perfect idea (although I have too many mugs I love...)


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