gratitude list

Life is really great at the moment, genuinely. Not in a particularly amazing way there's just a lot to be happy about and, despite being horrendously hungover (which appears to be when the majority of my blog posts are written) I am content.

Here's some things I am grateful for.
1. The freedom to be able to lie in bed all day because I'm exhausted and suffering (from last night) and spend the day exactly how I want to
2. The bright crispness of the autumnal morning and the beauty of the view out my window
3. Friends who look after me and are always down to have fun
4. The opportunity to meet new people
5. My cat who lies at the end of my bed
6. My mum who listens to my incessant worrying and my endless tears and makes everything bearable
7. The acceptance that I am an emotional person, my release is to cry and that's okay, it doesn't make me weak
8. The excitement that next year holds, the opportunity to be able to study my beloved subject at some of the best unis in the country/world
9. books, because I feel a love for reading I haven't experienced in a while
10. An excitement about christmas and festivities and celebrations

so yeh. Currently feel like I'm dying but its entirely self-inflicted and I'm being a wuss.
What are you grateful for?

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  1. Oh my god yesterday I was able to lie in bed all day and recover and it was the best, love those days! And yes crying doesn't make you weak nor do emotions just embrace them! Jealous of you feeling a love for reading, I think I'm going to order some new books because I want to read- I've caught up with all my TV shows and really shouldn't begin anymore. Hope you recover soon (still not sure why you thought jaeger was a good drink for pres)

    1. isn't it the best??? yes do it!!! I went into waterstones on friday and honestly could have bought everything. Haha big regrets ok

  2. what a lovely post!!! (in the least sarcastic way possible) I'm grateful for friends and teachers who have been super supportive especially during the past week! and also grateful for a mum who, like yours, is willing to listen to my anxious blabbering. Also v grateful that I've met you through twitter of course. By the looks of this comment, I should probably recreate this post soon ahaha.

    Dalal //

    1. oh yes, supportive friends and teachers are the best. Yes do!!! I'd deffs read it :)

  3. it's a really good trait to take pleasure in lovely, simple happy things, and it definitely transfers to other people, so thanks for writing this!! I'm so jealous that you get to lie in, I've been yearning for that kind of relaxation and controlled rest-fullness ever since the beginning of uni lol - (one of the reasons a tiny bit of me wishes I just took a fucking gap year)

    1. ah im glad you enjoyed it! Haha, its not all roses ;)

  4. I love this, such a sweet post! I’m grateful for tea, because it’s freezing in my part of the world right now!

    - Iona (


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