summer vibez

This spring eve is so beautiful. My view is ethereal. One of the beauties of spring I enjoy most is this rectangle of dappled light that appears above my bed on late June evenings. It is so magical and warming. And this year I have the space and the time to enjoy such a fantasy.
If my head allows.
I am trying to make the most of Spring. Later, I may go and sit in the garden with a blanket and The Go-Between and let nature melt away my worries.
Below enjoy a compilation of summery pics to get you in the mood. They are from holidays been and gone and are totally fuelling my wanderlust.

I am living so much in the future at the moment. Counting down the months or wishing away the days. I hate it but it cannot be denied that I am dreaming of summer. I crave the feeling of the air after a blessed day of sun, soft, kissed and the trees whispering a silent "this is what it means to be alive". I am dreaming of nights spent in the park or the pub, with friends who have been gone too long. Re-kindling the closeness of times ago. I am musing about open windows and a cool breeze as I fall asleep, about suitcases and passports, about Pimms and bonfires and evenings on the beach and disposable pictures. I am hoping for the smell of sun cream and bronzed skin and new languages and different cultures and nights out in Hungarian clubs and Moroccan mint tea and books read on the beach and Parisian evenings and more hours spent looking out my window at the illuminated leaves and golden light.

a summer mood board

There are so many plans and many more that I want to carry out and places I want to go. Even though I have spent almost every conceivable wage, outside of buying drinks and entry to clubs, on travel of some form, I still have a burning wanderlust. Even now I have SkyScanner open and am trawling to find the cheapest flights to, well, anywhere. I am in need of adventure and spontaneity and even though I know this is coming and will come, I can't help but want more. I also remind myself that I have so many summers left to live and so much more time for adventures.

The past few days have been sheer bliss. Sun and nights out and meals out and good company and new piercings and coffee. And now I am enjoying the heat-induced euphoria of a bank holiday weekend spent reading and eating and relishing in the prospect of no work tomorrow. Yipee.


  1. This post is literally fuelling my excitement for summer travels, all those photos are gorgeous. I cannot wait to see where you go this summer! Cheap flights are the one, book a flight to somewhere unlikely and discover a new culture, aahh I wanna get away 😅
    Louise x


  2. This post is definitely fuelling my lust for summer and the heat and going away, oh the prospect of cheap flights sounds incredible. I hope these balmy evenings last, with a book in hand and no worries - your photos from previous summers look so pretty, there's a stillness yet a life within them x

    1. Haha they're addictive to book/look up! Aren't they the best? dreaming of so many more! Thanks Eleanor <3

  3. ahhh i love these pictures! and same girl, you already kno i've BEEN counting down the days till summer. don't worry, were almost there <3

    a fucking look

    1. YES!! dreaming of simple, worry-less days!! <3

  4. This post makes my heart like,, clench (right word?) like bitch I want that!! warmness and tan and smell of suncream sign me up! Not really a fan of pimms, but I was sort of feeling iffy about summer but after reading your post it's made me excited. x


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