the summer list

The gap year is drawing to a close (?!), summer is upon us and I wanna get. shit. done. Life is so exhaustingly but exhilaratingly busy as I navigate my way through June with no days off and nights catching up with friends. It'll be worth it when I get paid though, am I right?
Through the madness and brilliance of friends being home and feeling super happy that I survived the year and just relishing in fun and achievement and future, I need something to hold me accountable. So here it is.

(I'll for sure be adding to this as I think of more ideas when day dreaming at work)

1) read Macbeth
2) make bread
3) try and use my film camera
4) get my hair cut
5) get a killer tan
6) go on day trips now ya gurl can drive (countryside, beach, picnics)
7) sew an actual clothing item
8) see a sunset
9) go to London
10) go to Edinburgh
11) see guilty feminist
12) drink wine in the park (in a classy way tho yeh)
13) have some memorable nights out
14) see Mamma Mia 2
15) read as many books as poss
16) spend days laughing w pals
17) swim in the sea
18) start another journal
19) make mems on my adventures
20) embark on the Oxford reading list
21) make a film to document some of it
22) run (get up to 8k)

Ah,  I've just had a moment of like "I never want this to end". Something about having friends back after a year of rewarding but prominent loneliness (wow complicated emotions) and having so much fun and so many plans and so many laughs already I just...ah please don't end.
This summer is gonna be sick. 4 holidays (which feel even more rewarding because I funded them entirely independently), working which = money, nights out, days out, freedom, minimal responsibilities, an exciting end and just fun.
I hope its good u know.
Keep up with all my summer fun on my insta lol.


  1. wooo congrats on your driving!! I really wanna go to Edinburgh, I'm so tempted to go to Fringe!! Can't wait to see all your summer adventures xox

    1. Yea!! I've been a couple o' times and its so much fun!!! And yours Lexie eek!!xx

  2. Snap on going to Edinburgh! Good luck with trying to run up to 8k, of course seeing Mamma Mia has to be the most important one on the list though ;) x

    1. hahah I'm embarrassingly excited for it xx

  3. Making memes on your adventures is a cute idea!! I LOVE THIS LIST! Have a fun one!

  4. Omg yesss b - you work and get that money! It'll so be worth it. Love the list as well, i hope you can tick off all of them!! Ahh, it must feel so rewarding having had this time off and just planning an awesome summer and just being independent and getting shit done! Ive just started work and I actually think that I may just take as many shifts as possible next month, like why not?? Getting money, saving and spending when you've earned it is literally the best feeling ever. Ahhh so excited to hear about all of your summer adventures!!! :') xoxox

    1. hahaha, until its all spent at an alarming rate?! Doesnt it just! I hope your job is going well and YES to accepting as many jobs as possible its kind of exhausting but also so exhilarating when you just think about that pay check at the end!!! Thanks gal xoxo

  5. This is actually such a good idea, I hope you accomplish all of them!! Edinburgh & London seem so exciting!

  6. If you the chance to go to Edinburgh, HMU for suggestions! I went back in October and absolutely love it, would love to go back in December for the Christmas markets

    Fran |

    1. isn't it such a cool city?! Hoping to go to the Fringe festival! xox


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