current faves

Recently, I've developed a real love for autumn. I used to be terrified about the darkness and claustrophobic entrapment of winter but, this year, I find myself excited about the opportunity to justifiably wear pyjamas for most of the day.
Along with the new routine of a gap year, I have developed a lot of new loves, reaching for new tastes and entertainments. I figured I would share.

Oh Comely–I received a subscription for this magazine for my birthday, but have always been a fan. It has a little bit of everything, presented in the most aesthetic fashion. It exercises curiosities I never knew I had and makes me feel warm inside. Definitely worth a read.

East West Street–This book requires a lot of reflection and I find myself muttering "what the fuck?" repeatedly. In short, it follows the Nuremberg Trial, the 2 lawyers who came up with 'crimes against humanity' and 'genocide' and the Holocaust in Poland. It is a mightily impressive feat, the extents to which the author has gone is mind blowing and it has thrown up so many questions. I am fascinated by the Holocaust (sounds like an excerpt from my personal statement) and found the process of prosecution shocking, the way the defendants acted and defended their actions, the extremity of the task (how do you even go about prosecuting people for murdering 12 million people?) and the ice it broke in the way of international law. As historical accounts go, this was an easy read and I would thoroughly recommend.

The Guilty Feminist–I had sort of abandoned this through A-levels and summer, but when in a funk in early September, it became my remedy. I knew that a long walk and an episode of TGF would soothe my mood and lift me. Its funny and engaging, but also discusses immensely important issues. Its totally inclusive and I love the premise of 'Guilty Feminist', that we all mess up, but that's ok. Fave episodes include: Minefields, Sexuality and Orgasms.

Instrumental music–Its no secret that I'm obsessed with, well,  depressing classic music. I don't know what it is. I also lurve when I've played a beautiful piece on my flute and then can listen to how the profesh' play it. Ew, cringe.
Current faves are: Niel Cowley Trio–Grace, Carnival of the Animals–The Swan and George Bizet-Entr'acte.
It might sound twatty but dis music just makes me feel some kinda way.

Celebs Go Dating–Some real high-brow entertainment for y'all but I'M OBSESSED. Its so addictive and shitty. I love it.

Earl Grey Tea–with almond milk, perfect.
Black Coffee–As I don't drink milk, I've become accustomed to black coffee when I'm out and about. And now I'm hooked.

Letter Writing–I bought some peng stationary in IKEA and its sparked my love for letter writing and receiving, especially a first letter from Dalal.


This top (UO) and these shoes have been staples in my wardrobe recently. Nothing can beat a bretton stripe and, despite the hefty price, this ones a winner. These shoes have replaced my beloved, but worn out, new balance. They're unbelievably comfortable, although I made the mistake of wearing them on a night out, utterly trashed.

Succulents–I'm addicted to buying plants, having recently just transported a succulent to Leeds on the train. They add SO MUCH LIFE and are so cute. This particular one is from a shop in Greenwich.

SO yeah, lots of things have been tickling my fancy recently.
This weekend I am off to Scotland with my family and am greatly anticipating a weekend away from the internet. I've deleted all my 'personal' social media apps (fb, sc) because they were PISSING ME OFF and I'm needing a break.
I'm also craving, beyond an extent I believed possible, a trip to Paris. Who knew.
Hope everyone is well, let me know your faves.


  1. Write me a letter! Also the book sounds interesting I'm going to give it a whir

    1. I will I will!! Its super interesting, reckon you'll like it (but it does get better as you read on, just if you are disappointment at the start) x

  2. I SAW THIS PIC ON TWITTER AND THOUGHT "that handwriting is so bad wtf" and then I clicked the link and realised it's mine...I love my life :)) omg I have a pair of new balance that I wore every single day like through rain and mud- the suede has started to rip on one side so I had to retire them sad times. I'm going to read East West Street- it sounds right up my ___ (pun queen)

    Dalal ///

    1. hahaha no mine is much much worse. Its super good, let me know what you think!x

  3. I really want buy some plants, especially succulents... my Instagram would appreciate it haha
    Aleeha xXx